Helping every Jew receive the respectful burial they are entitled to

Limited time, funding or know-how should not deprive you or your family member of the right to gentle after-life care in keeping with Jewish tradition. We are here to answer your questions, hold your hand, and navigate the process to arrange burial.

Kindness When It Matters Most

Caring for people at the end of life is a mitzvah categorized as the highest form of kindness. In Hebrew, it’s termed Chesed Shel Emes, a genuine act of kindness, because there is no expectation of reciprocity from the recipient.
As a non-profit organization with no commercial interests, Last Kindness is dedicated to providing the support and resources needed to make a challenging time easier. Whether you are seeking to proactively arrange “pre-need” after-life care, require urgent assistance with an imminent or recent death, or simply want to explore the Jewish approach to caring for those who have died, we’re here to help.

Plan with
Your Family

Everyone dies,
but only 1 in 3 people discuss after-life wishes with their families while there is still time.

Although death can be hard to talk about, it’s a kindness to both yourself and your loved ones to specify your wishes in advance.
Important decision-making is best made in a calm, thoughtful and unrushed state of mind.

“My in-laws did pre-need purchasing. It was one of the most valuable things they did—more than the many gifts they graciously bestowed upon us.”

— MS, UK

Would you like an easy way to share your end-of-life wishes with your family?

This simple form can be printed or emailed to your friends and relatives.

Click Here to download a legally binding (print-only) document

Jewish tradition is filled with psychologically healthy ways to respectfully care for the body and soul.

Most people are aware that Jews traditionally bury, but there are many questions around it.
People want to know if there really is a requirement for them to choose burial, and why they should care if they aren’t observant. Some have already planned to cremate and are curious to hear the Jewish take.

Explore the
Jewish View


Access Resources
& Personal Guidance

You’ll be amazed at how much information and help is available.

Let’s Talk

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    It All Starts With A Conversation

    With your dad, your mom, your partner, your child, your friend. Discuss your after-life wishes, their wishes, and carefully consider your options.
    It can be awkward to bring up uncomfortable topics, but if you frame it sensitively, it will likely go over well with your loved ones.

    When I finally opened the conversation and asked my husband where he’d want to be buried, I saw the relief in his eyes. It had been weighing on him. He didn’t want to be a burden, but he was worried that bringing it up would scare me. After that conversation, we were able to move on.” — RE, NY

    Here are some lines that others have used to open the conversation:

    Would you like an easy way to share your end-of-life wishes with your family? This simple form can be printed or emailed to your friends and relatives.

    Click Here to download a legally binding (print-only) document

    Kind people can now partner

    with Last Kindness

    Would you like to share in the mitzvah of caring for the deceased?
    Do you share our passion for supporting others during a challenging time?
    Do you want to bring a Life Cafe’ to your community?
    There are lots of great ways to ensure no one has to face these decisions alone.
    May you and your loved ones enjoy long and healthy lives!

    Life Cafe'

    Invite your friends, brew the coffee and we will do the rest!

    We can tailor these online cafe’s to incorporate any aspect of our fascinating workshops that you and your buddies are curious about.

    Forewarning …your friends will likely be so intrigued they will be asking you to schedule round two.

    Talk of a Lifetime

    Outside of being born, death is absolutely the most human experience but…. most of us try to avoid that “D” word.
    Maybe because the questions seem better than the answers or maybe it’s because it simply seems too depressing of a topic.
    Talk of a Lifetime, so aptly named, will turn those concerns on their heads as we explore all things related to the end of our journey. Fascinating, Practical and Surprisingly Life Affirming.

    Life After Life

    There is a universal human curiosity about what happens after we die.

    This workshop reveals the incredible clarity that Judaism has on this fascinating topic.  We can almost guarantee that you will never look at life or what comes after quite the same.

    Pulling Back the Shrouds

    Many are familiar with the classic milestones and customs of the Jewish lifecycle – a Bris Milah/circumcision, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Jewish wedding practices but the way Jews treat the deceased has been well…well- shrouded.

    In this fascinating workshop we will explore the amazing depth and beauty of how Jews care for those who have departed.

    In a surprising twist, this understanding will likely be one of the most life affirming and life informing events you ever attended.