A Family Plan

Planning ahead, documenting one’s afterlife care wishes, and sharing that decision with decision makers in your life is a kindness to both oneself and to remaining loved ones.
How you are treated has significant impact on your body, soul, family, loved ones and the planet. This significant and lasting decision deserves deep consideration. Once you have gone through the process, putting your wishes in writing enables you to be at ease so that those who will be contacted, know what your wishes are.
A simple Expression of Wishes form. The form can be filled out fully online, downloaded and printed. You also have the option to share this form directly via email with anyone you choose by entering their email addresses. You can also download and print the form.
A simple legally binding document that can be partially filled out online and then downloaded and printed. To accommodate variations in state requirements, choose your state of residence from the dropdown menu for the appropriate form.
For any questions or assistance with using these forms please contact connect@lastkindness.org

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Burial Wishes Information