Be at peace with your choice

Selecting an eternal resting place might seem depressing. But it can also be life-affirming. A fitting farewell spot gives future generations a way to connect with the person who once lived, dreamed and left their mark on this world.
“My great aunt never had children. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to visit her grave in Wisconsin, but I’m grateful I can show my children the photo of the headstone, and I can tell them about her”
-Sara Hoffman

Find a spot in your comfort zone

You may be most familiar with the Jewish cemetery closest to you, but if it doesn’t fit your needs, there are often other options a bit further out.

With burial plots available at hundreds of Jewish cemeteries throughout all 50 states, you’ll find both traditional settings and more modern memorial parks on beautifully landscaped grounds. Costs vary greatly by location, with some less-populated areas offering significant savings.
Green burial, with its focus on simplicity, is becoming increasingly popular, and is actually the preferred method of burial according to Jewish law.

Green burial is Jewish burial

When you think of burial, do you think of steel caskets,
chemical embalming and concrete vaults?
A go-out-in-style funeral?
In 1960, that was the norm. But things are changing. Today, more than 58% of families* say they’re considering green burial.

Here’s why you might like it too

No Carbon Footprint

If the idea of releasing toxins like mercury into the earth (as in a metal-casket burial), or into the air (as in cremation) bothers you, green burial might be the way to go.

Focus on sustainability

The body is not cremated, prepared with chemicals, or buried in a concrete vault. It is simply placed in a biodegradable container and interred in a gravesite to return to nature.

More Affordable

Since the focus is on natural burial, meaningful gravesite ceremonies are common. In place of a lengthy funeral service, attendees will reflect on the eco-friendly lifestyle you truly value.

A Way to Give Back

After a lifetime of rejuvenating in her waters, climbing her peaks, and nourishing our bodies with her quinoa, bananas and coffee beans, green burial restores the earth’s minerals to their rightful place.

You can truly become one with nature

The rising interest in green burial is actually a return to a millenia-old Jewish practice. The concept is rooted in the Jewish idea of ‘dust to dust,’ returning the body to its natural elements. Green burials show respect to the deceased and respect to the environment.

Born a Jew?
Burial takes you full circle.

No matter how “Jewishly” a person lived their life, choosing Jewish burial declares:

I am a Jew. And I choose to be buried as a Jew.

I choose this for the sake of my ancestors.
I choose this for the sake of my descendants.
I choose this for the sake of my body.
And I choose this for the sake of my soul.

Adapted from Doron Kornbluth’s Cremation or Burial: A Jewish View (Mosaica Press, 2012)

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