After-Life Wishes

Document what you want done when your time comes

If we picture the world the day after we depart, what would we want to see?

Our loved ones reminiscing together over coffee, sharing anecdotes and warm memories?

Or, a tense SMS exchange, debating what should be done with our remains and who should do it?

We have the power to write that scene. Today.

Document and share your wishes today. It’s the ultimate kindness to your loved ones.

(And don’t worry - we’ll show you how to present it to them in a non-awkward way.)

My Burial Wishes Note

A simple expression of wishes note

Easy to fill out, easy to share

Print, download, email to loved ones

My Burial Wishes Document

A legally-binding document

Includes witnessing requirements for the US and Canada

Print and sign as per your state’s requirements

Calling all kind souls!
Would you like to help others?

Anyone who’s been through life challenges knows how vital support is.
We need empathetic people like you to help us reach the 60,000 American Jews facing after-life decisions each year.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Of course, if you have a different question or concern, we will always do our best to guide.