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Come curious, leave intrigued.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like thinking about death. You’re too busy living!

Studies show however, that contemplating our mortality from time to time is actually beneficial. Though this may seem counter-intuitive, a healthy, pragmatic perspective on death can actually lead to a more joyful, meaningful life.

Think of someone in your life that you chat with — about anything.

Great shows, retirement options, home renovations. Achy knees, failed Investments, hair loss.

Now, have you ever discussed death?

What will happen to us when we die?
Is there anything we need to know, as Jews?
Is there any prep that would make it easier for our loved ones?
Most people haven’t.

What if you could approach this subject in a thought-provoking manner and come away with an uplifting, meaningful, and life-affirming, yes, life-affirming perspective?

A Life Circle event will do exactly that. Not just for you, but for your social circle or community as well.

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We’ve been honored to present for

As well as for many cozy friends & family groups.

At a Life Circle event, you’ll explore the Jewish perspective and walk away with a sense of calm and control.

You’ll get real answers to questions you’ve thought about, but likely never voiced. Come away with a deep appreciation for the Jewish end-of-life approach, and an eye-opening perspective on the eternity of the Jewish soul.

Unsure about how to invite people to this rather unusual event?

We take the awkwardness out of it by providing you with an editable PDF invitation explaining the purpose of this event in a straightforward, pleasant manner.

You may be surprised at how receptive and grateful they’ll be!


Choose from topics such as:

  • Life after life
  • What happens when we die?
  • Jewish customs of afterlife care and their meaning
  • Pulling back the shrouds ― exploring what the Jewish burial society actually does


Life Circle events are usually held as virtual meetings via Zoom. They run about 50 minutes.
Want us to present at your in-person event? Ask us. We may be able to arrange it.


Plan a Life Circle presentation at a community event for hundreds. Or host an intimate gathering of friends, family, fellow congregants or club members. Get at least 8 people on board, and we’ll arrange an event for you.


We provide these events free of charge because we believe every Jew, no matter their religious affiliation, has a right to a Jewish burial. No one should feel forced to cremate because of financial or logistical obstacles.

Our mission at Last Kindness is to give Jews access to the information, assistance, and resources they need to make an educated decision regarding after-life care.


Yael Davidowitz is the Director of Project Last Kindness for the National Association of Chevra Kadisha. Yael is a Columbia University trained nurse and seasoned fitness professional but her greatest passion lies in caring for the Jewish people. Since 2007, Yael has volunteered for the chevra kadisha — the sacred Jewish burial society — and she lectures extensively on the topic. In 2020, Yael transitioned out of her role as an adult-geriatric nurse practitioner to devote herself full time to the mission of Last Kindness — helping every Jew choose and receive a dignified burial.

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