Share Your Story With Us

Did you ever need to arrange after-life care for a loved one?
What was that like for you? Did you have the support you needed?

Someday, somewhere, there’ll be someone in a similar position, searching for support. Perhaps in a too-silent ICU unit or on a lonely flight down South. They may be feeling alone and vulnerable. By kindly sharing your experience, you can ease theirs.

These stories touch hearts — all the time

Deborah’s Story

“Even if I don’t know all the laws and the reasons behind them, what if there’s a deeper reason? If I choose cremation, I can never go back. But how can I afford this?”

On her Mom’s first yahrzeit, Deborah recalls:

My mother lived alone, and until the last year or two of her life was okay. Or at least that’s what we thought.

Mom wasn’t easy to deal with, and not because of the onset of dementia or old age. This was who she was. But, she was still my mom, the woman who gave me life, and raised me as best she knew how.

To be clear, we weren’t nor are we now Torah observant Jews.

Teri’s Story

“It bothers me that there’s no real place where Francine is. I would have liked a concrete place to connect with her. My parents were buried and I can visit them anytime. But Francine doesn’t exist anymore.”

My aunt Francine died four months from the day she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was a very smart, determined, progressive woman who was involved in politics.

Her husband had passed away a few years prior, and she had no children. We were close growing up, and during her illness, my husband and I helped her with whatever she needed.

It’s stories like these that prompt people to explore their options for after-life care.

By sharing your story today you may be gifting a fellow Jew with a gentle and respectful Jewish burial

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The Jewish Burial Legacy Project

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